Theatre Review – Mr Johnson Presents,

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

I have to confess that I am a Godfrey Johnson groupie. I follow him all over the Mother City whenever I can. I loved him in the little launderette/theatre, Tabula Rasa, his lovely voice mingling with the smell of fresh laundry. He was phenomenal at Beefcakes as he strutted his stuff in Tainted Love with Christine Weir. And that is just licking the tip of the iceberg.

His current show, Mr Johnson Presents, at the gorgeous Kalk Bay theatre certainly does not disappoint.  Johnson has this uncanny ability of mixing pathos with humour and a good dollop of sauciness within the change of a key on the piano – which by the way – he has mastered.  On the night we were there, we were treated to a mix of his own work as well as the work of renowned artists such as Prince, Leonard Cohen, and Pet Shop Boys. It is however his rendition of Brel’s, If You Go Away, that floors me every time. Johnson presents this song with so much heartbreaking emotion that it feels as if the audience is holding its breath throughout.  However it is mostly giggles and gags as he puts his own spin on classic songs. Kalk Bay theatre is perfect for this intimate production. It feels as if Johnson is sitting in your lounge and is playing just for you.  It makes for a wonderful night out at the theatre. In fact, go early to avoid the traffic and grab a bite at the harbour or at the theatre itself.Image

Some of his one man shows include, “Alice sal Regkom”,The Importance of Being Harnessed”,”Songs my Lover Forgot to Sing to Me”, “Flirting with Coward”,”Behind Every Man”,”Stories of Crime and Passion” and “The Shadow of Brel”.

Mr Johnson Presents is on at Kalk Bay Theatre until 26 October.

To book visit


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