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My work has been published in The Sunday Tribune, The Cape Times, Die Burger, The Event, The Callsheet, The Sunday Independent, The Weekender, Property Mag, Pursuit, Comic Life, Odyssey, Ride, About Town, One Small Seed, The Big Issue and too many media24 magazines to remember.

Cambridge University Press, South Africa, has published some of my reviews as guideline in their Study and Master Arts and Culture, Learner book.

Here I am skydiving above Cape Town – best feeling in the world!

 In 2005 I traversed the African continent as on-board photo-journalist for the Tour d’Afrique bicycle expedition from Cairo to Cape Town.  During this journey I wrote the tour’s daily online diary, managed media along the route, created a photo-journal and secured and wrote related magazine and newspaper articles. 

 Restaurant reviews:  For two consecutive years, I participated in reviewing Restaurants for the V&A Waterfront Restaurant Guide and Awards, as published by Lannice Snyman Publishers in 2006 and 2007. 

Astrid and Tjisse in Livinstone, Zambia – spot the waterfalls

Theatre reviews:  I have been writing theatre reviews and entertainment profiles for the Sunday Independent and the Cape Times since 2008.

Fashion and entertainment articles:  At the beginning of 2007 I kicked off my trainers and strapped on stilettos to document SA fashion guru Gavin Rajah’s Spring/Summer haute couture collection in Paris.   Upon my return I wrote several online articles, published a number of photos, and wrote magazine articles.  

My photography is all about traveling, portraits, events, landscapes and conceptual photography. It has been seen in publications such as The Cape Times, The Sunday Independent, The Argus, The Weekender,  The Big Issue (front page) and more  

I am currently the editor of, and writer for, www.latitudemag.co.za

And I am about to go on this incredible adventure: www.tourdafrique.com/tours/doomsday

So I can write about the end of the world from a seat of a bike on 21 December! (for what it’s worth)

Travel on!

Swimming with Sharks with my mad Austrian friend Ingrid Schiendl.



http://www.tourdafrique.com doing their famous naked mile – happy days