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I conceptualise, research, and write the business newsletters for, among others, a travel company called Diya Travel: I also research and write the content for their blog:  Travel Blog

Here are samples of the some of the newsletters.  Visit the the Diya travelblog link to look at the blog content. Contact me to discuss the specific newsletter and blog needs of your company.  See below for my contact details and for reasons why your company needs a blog.


What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal where you can diarise everything about your company, and share  information about your field of expertise.   It is more user-friendly than a website, and it is a great opportunity to engage in open dialogue, and exchange ideas with customers and potential customers.  A blog firmly launches your company into the online community; which is worth billions.

Why your company needs a blog.

  1.  Search Engines Love Blogs

Writing keyword rich articles is a great way to drive more traffic to your site. After a while, search engines may begin to rank your articles amongst the top search results; which translates into queries and the sales. Search engines love websites that expand their content regularly, so writing relevant blog articles is a great way to show search engines your providing real value to existing and potential clients.

     2.     Client to Company dialogue.

Blog comments provide a great avenue for customers to leave feedback, positive and negative, which provides businesses with valuable information to improve their products or services. Apart from feedback, comments allow users to share opinions and can create a personalised community feel to the blog which will have people coming back for more.

      3.     You are Likely to Sell More Products/Services

Providing users with more value + driving extra traffic to your site = increased sales

This formula holds true in just about all areas of online business, so it’s only natural that starting a company blog should increase sales.

    4.      Blogs Facilitate Viral Marketing

Informative or thought provoking posts can spread around the internet in days. Creating interesting content has the ability to capture a worldwide audience of millions. Submit interesting content to sites like and watch your traffic grow.

    5.      They Position You as an Expert

Providing insight into relevant topics makes companies an authority figure within the marketplace. This helps to enhance company credibility and should encourage users to subscribe to your feeds.

The downside of Blogging.

Informative and professional blog posts require time, and quality writing skills.    A blog filled with dull content, and grammatical and spelling errors, is a direct reflection of your company’s image and can do a lot of damage.

I am a published writer and photographer:  allow me to create a professional blog for your company:  Contact:  Astrid Stark: