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Chappie Paper Poetry

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Poetry

From an ancient time when words still meant something.

I was in a rut.  I chewed gum. I stuck it on my desk and wrote about the, “Did You Know” snippets on the back of my bubble gum wrapper. This is what I discovered…

Goukomtoring  (apologies to English readers, this can only be in Afrikaans)

Ek bou n kougomtoring

en verwonder myself aan die

pastel kleure van die uitgekoude


Sieklike soet  blokkies word

bittergou  tot smakelose

plastiekhopies gekou.

Tienduisend tandwonde sny deur


en steeds rekonstrukteer

die gom homself weer.

Spoeg uit! Spoeg uit!,

en druk hom op sy maat se


Sy asem is uit,

sy funksie op.

Al wat oorbly is die bleek pasteel

hopie kleure wat plakkersgewys

aanmekaar klou in n raam.

van geraamte en vel.

Sal nogal n lekker Karen Zoid lied maak.

Liefdelengte in Jare

ek lees…

Die Kokerjuffer, oftewel Eendagsvlieg,

lewe slegs vir 5ure,

op die wyse agterblad

Van die Chappies Papiere

En droom…

Van vliegende lewensLiefde

Wat bruis deur die Eendagsvlieg


Loos na 6…

n botterdroom van

Vet TermietLiefde


Roughly translated

Mayfly Love


did you know – Mayflies live for only 5hours.

I dream…

Love May fly,

like a May Fly love

Lovely 5hours of Love

Loveless Life After 6

Here’s dreaming of a


For 50FatYears

With You My Dove


Did you know – peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

What little nut

could strut

his protein-filled gut

with such glee

and scream

that yea,

take a little

bite of my potent carriage,

risking entrance to this explosive marriage.

The Cyclotronic Till

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Poetry

The Cyclotronic Till


Onlyness turned inside out,

Poking at it with a sharp stick it is.

It has no smell

It is going nowhere.

It is here always

Like a best friend,

or a cancer.

Like the Borld Wank

the eternal enemy

I know its face intimately

We are best mates.

Buddies for life

armstrong locked in a Mexican friendship ring

It never has to call

But I always answer.

We know the routine.


atom heads

shoot writers’ thoughts at each other

until they split into laughter and trembling bright texts.

l and my own!

beautiful wishes

transmogrified to silver fishes 

not unlike your survival Soirée



a survival story




obsessed but always feeling the poke of Onlyness’ stick.

Poetry: Facing the wrong way.

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Poetry
Facing the wrong way.
I was living on the front pages,
   when you wanted me to be the centrefold.

Poetry: Ocean Velvet

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Poetry
Ocean Velvet
Into the ocean,  a thousand diamonds strewn.
A heart of velvet,
tempered by the moon.

Superwoman’s best friend.

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Poetry


I went to the supermarket to buy washing powder.

How I wish they were selling will power instead.





I thank you much.

due thanks are such.
The bitter berry you’ve implanted,
has left my juices quite… – enchanted.
The demented cut of your rejection,
has spawned subliminal introspection.
Your exodus from this affair
once left me in shocking disrepair.
How now my depravation
has evolved into a Subliminal Hallucination.
Deliciously delirious I recall an unspoken play,
by the light of  a fire…`
A puppet show on sand – untouched by human hand.
A warrior at war with air, no more.
The stars at play, defying the wink of day!  
Oh Craven Hearted,
How you departed.
Abandon ship!`
the captain’s gone.
No mutiny.
Just a casualty
…of insecurity.
Dit is so lekker vuil in afrikaans

Song vir Popeye

Diepe, donkere liewe frustrasie.
‘Up yours’ en jou groen spinasie.
Lekker is die soetse druif,
maak my los van jou  bittere olyf.
Jou ekel, hekel, vloeibare verskonings
stol  kluite in die pad,
en skreeu verdwaas saam
met die bure se gekastreede kat.
Soepel, heupe, druifnat lyf,
Jy het my na drank gedryf.
Sny my keel,
“Make it real”
Maar ek gaan een oomblik steel.
Jou bitter hart vloei met my smart.
Jou donker siel.
Oordonder deur n verkrampte piel.
Wat wil jy nou eitlike se:
Dat ek hier le.
My siel ontbloot. 
My waarheid – jou reddingsoord.
Droom verder.
n leeftyd van ‘opression’.
die orgasme vir my ‘repression’
Spinasie is groen en die waarheid is bitter.
Jou redes is duister,
My jammer hart fluister,
Vat jou jou piel saam met my siel.
Ry verder op jou sieke jammer smart.
Vir een oomblik.
Kyk nie terug.
Na die geweefde brug.
Die engin is fokked en die piston skiet blanks.
Hier hou ons fiesta saam met die tramps.
Jy het een kans – miskien twee.
Bring n siener, sangoma, of drank.
Jou keuse verewig in rots of plank.
Wag nie te lank, want tyd se gevleude koets blaas sy
warm asem diep in joue koue lende.
En om die hoek wag dood se koue bende.
So besluit meneer.
Is dit ek -of die deur.
Hol as jy moet.
Maak net seker dit is met n blinde fokken spoed.

Sex, of course.

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Poetry

Valium?  Oh, ok.

Lee Simple with the leather corset has a heart of silk
She hides  behind her oil skins and rotten teeth,
Her breasts like Kilimanjaro,
Her hair on fire,
Her heart empty as a glove on a Sunday morning.
She gives a flower that she picks from Vesuvius
…to find it lying dying on the doorstep,
She offers sweet waters,
She offers herself
legs spread wide
Her eyes inside out.
 Poor Lee Simple
She does not understand that what she offers is not what they want
Her pearls are to them Christmas cards from CNA.
Her sorrow is melancholy to them
Her longing is flighty
She is simple
 – a worry
A moth on the windscreen
A grain in the eye.
She is an eagle,
A mist rising from the lake.
Candyfloss on a pink tongue,
Candle wax
A full moon
Gliding through the ocean.
Making love in the afternoon.
The one-legged chimp
A midget
A buffoon
Maybe they will take her away
But where will the put her?
In their uncertainty
They decide
To hide
Their dismay
And pretend
Like everyone else
That she is me
And you
And nothing is out of place.
It’s easier that way.
Astrid Stark