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© Astrid Stark

© Astrid Stark

Andre Visagie of the progressive rock group, Teerpad, burns up the amps.
at the National Arts Festival.

 I had the immense pleasure of experiencing Gavin Rajah’s Spring/Summer haute couture show in Paris at the Fahion Week, 2007   Here one of the fabulous ghd boys takes a flash break from fluffing hair.

©Astrid Stark







©Astrid Stark©Astrid Stark©Astrid Stark

©Astrid Stark

In 2007 I was , for the second year running, part of the team, under direction of Lannice Snyman and Donald Paul, that reviewed the Restaurants for the annual V&A Waterfront Restaurant Guide. The pocket-sized guide lists all the venues serving food and beverages at the Waterfront. Lannice Snyman is an award-winning publisher, author and journalist. She’s also been the editor of SA’s national Restaurant guide, Eat Out for, 18 years and runs her own culinary consultancy and publishing company. Donald Paul has more than 25 years experience in newspaper, magazine and book publishing. He is also a judge for the world’s 50 Best Restaurants. Six professional reviewers evaluated all Restaurants, Cafés, Fast foods and Bars & Taverns -anonymously.  Attractive, full-colour photographs captures something of the essence of every venue . The guide offers a small write-up of the venues and includes opening hours, average cost per meal, and the full address and contact details. Basically it is the definitive guide to eating out at the Waterfront.
I took the photos of the award-winning Restaurants at the BMW Pavilion.

©Astrid Stark

Lion's Head gazing at Robben Island.

Lion's Head gazing at Robben Island.

Our beautiful Cape Town Kids
Our beautiful Cape Town Kids
Cape Town Kids
Cape Town Kids

Sea Point promindade on winter's day.

Sea Point in winter.



Western Cape Canola fields in Spring bloom.
Western Cape Canola fields in Spring bloom.
Table Mountain as seen from Blouberstrand.
Table Mountain as seen from Bloubergstrand.






On a full moon night, Capetonians clamber up Lion's Head with their kids, dogs, sweethearts and picnics.  This photo was taken at aroun 11h00.  The psyco lights are from people's headlamps as they descend the mountain.

On a full moon night, Capetonians clamber up Lion's Head with their kids, dogs, sweethearts and picnics. This photo was taken at around 11h00. The psycho lights are from peoples' headlamps as they stumble down the mountain.

Twelve Apostles overlooking Camps Bay and Clifton in Cape Town - ©Astrid Stark

The Twelve Apostles rest with their feet into the bay of the Atlantic Sea Board. Hikers start the gruelling climb up to Lion's Head to watch the full moon rise.


Misty Cliffs, Western Cape - ©Astrid Stark

I lost my heart. This photo of Misty Cliffs was taken in full colour. The place is just so melancholy. The perfect film setting for a tragic love story. I have the script.

The Sexy side of Engineering.

In June 2008 I did a 5 day (around 16hrs/day) photoshoot for the South Africa Women Engineers Conference 2008 (SAwomENG)

On day 3 we set up a mock photoshoot with some of the girls.  None of the girls are models but all of them leapt at the opportunity to swop overalls and goggles for satin and stillettos.Group photo

 There are few creatures as dangerous as a sleep deprived woman with a paintball gun, 200 bullets and a score to settle. Well, maybe 57 cranky women in one forest might be worse.

The girls were nervous at first, but soon battled it out in Tokai like pro’s.

There were reports afterwards of intimidation, cheating, breaking the 8m distance rule and tears. But they will remain rumours as the girls were again reunited in female solidarity at the end of the warSAwomEng Paintball winner ©Astrid Stark



La Rosa 3

 ©Astrid StarkLa Rosa 1

Photoshoot for La Rosa Dance School/Dance Theatre:  2008

Taking photos of flamenco dancers, twirling and swaying under smoky multi-coloured strobe lights, is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
It is also very tricky and unpredictable – especially on final rehearsal day. The light technician continuously fiddled with the light sequence, speed and strength, making it near impossible to plan a good shot.  The most charming feature of this shoot lay exactly in that unpredictability. The shot that I carefully framed and timed came out stilted and staged. Nearly two hours later, I finally relaxed and resigned myself to disaster. I stopped being intimidated by the fluctuating light conditions, and fiddling with my camera settings, and simply concentrated on capturing the motion and essence of the dancers.

Keep an extra battery and memory card handy as it takes some time to find your own rhythm with the dancers. You are going to want to take a lot of pics.