Theatre Review: Rocky Horror Show

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews
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Still one of my favourite off the wall musicals, this reincarnation of The Rocky Horror Show doesn’t disappoint, and it even turns the raunchiness, mayhem and giggles up a couple notches. It has been 40 years since the production opened for the first time but the themes of blossoming sexuality, lust, betrayal, sexual identity and anti-establishment are still relevant today. Toss in a good dollop of writer Richard O’Brien’sImage fascination with science fiction and B Horror movies, an excellent and passionate cast and wicked stage and lighting design, and you are in for one helluva fabulous rollercoaster ride.

The costumes are deliciously saucy and you can see designer Penny Simpson was having a blast. Apart from a wickedly funny story line and some unforgettable characters, the music, for me, is what truly sets this piece of theatre apart.  And every self-respecting Rocky fan was singing along. With such a large talented cast and crew it seems unfair to single anyone out but I am going to have to admit that Andrew Laubscher’s Riff Raff looked fantastic and he simply became his eccentric character. Jenny Stead makes a perfect Janet – with the original Janet, Susan Sarandon, as role model – it can’t be easy. For me however there can only be one Frank-N-Furter and Tim Curry’s is a tough act to follow. I would recommend getting a bunch of your best mates together, dress up – do it! – it’s so much more fun, and get your audience participation packet for a hilariously sexy night out.

The all South African cast includes Paul du Toit as Brad, Jenny Stead as Janet, Pierre Van Heerden as Dr. Scott & Eddie, Brendan Van Rhyn as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Andrew Laubscher as Riff Raff, Daneel Van Der Walt as Magenta, Lucy Tops as the Usherette, Dominique as Columbia, newcomer Shaun Smit as Rocky and Adrian Galley as The Narrator.  Jenna Robinson Child, Angela Inglis, Zolani Shangase and Tarquinn Whitebooi are the ensemble and understudy cast.

The production is directed by Fleur Du Cap Best Director Nominee Matthew Wild Designers on the production are Tina Driedijk and Penny Simpson with Musical Supervision by Charl-Johan Lingenfelder Musical Direction by Stefan Lombard who will be assisted by Roelof Coelyn. Choreography is by Louisa Talbot and High School Musical, soloist for The Cape Dance Company and Bovim Ballet. Alex Tops is the Resident Director.

On at The Fugard Theatre.

Astrid Stark


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