AIDS- on a happier note

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Time to shine

Soli Philander, aka motormouth, and happy feet gospelite, Jimmie Earl Perry, add humour to a oft heavy topic, and in turn, celebrate the women of worth. I finally managed to make it to one of the South African Artists for Aid Awareness Concerts at the Artscape theatre.  I usually make time for more serious theatre productions but then this is a serious topic highlighted with humour and some damn fine performances.

The evening is a celebration of young, and old, musical and dance talent and it is great to see so many talented performers. You shouldn’t have favourites but mine had to be the breathtaking performance by the Cape Dance Company to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. The song is already loaded with emotion and heartfelt passion, and the three dancers tapped right into the heart of Cohen’s music through their choreography and exquisite rendition of this classic. There were tears all round.

Voices of Love Ensemble and the D-seven A’capella Group are all beautiful. Those voices, but mostly their passion, considerably warmed up a chilly Sunday evening.

Magician Wolfgang Riebe is funny and fascinating as always. Soli, as MC, I can never get enough of. This guy is like the roadrunner on Ritalin.  He is quick of the bat with his quirky comments and he delightfully teases the gospelite Jimmie Earl Perry.

FYI: A gospelite, is someone who clearly and passionately supports the church in that super sized-American way. This includes several backstage changes into intensely shiny suits (purple velvet), extended -long) endings to any song or speech, lots of shoop shoop hip swaying, and that kind of talkie singie voice that gets his flock to open their hearts . Except, the gospelite is clearly trying to reign himself in somewhat, not wanting to offend the non-religious members of the audience, therefore making him a lite version of his fuller fatter counterpart.

Jokes aside, and to his credit, Earl Perry’s heart is heavily, and clearly, in the right place as judged by his vehement support of AIDS awareness and support. He is the UN Aids Goodwill Ambassador for South Africa after all.

A fabulous evening filled with beautiful performances and all for a great cause.

  1. Thank you Astrid. Liking your style of writing….honesty pervades. Thanks also for being there.


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