How to make a Water Cooler Cry. Theatre review.

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews
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Listen with your eyes.

I never thought a story about office politics could bring a big lump to my throat. But then again, when last have I seen a FTH:K production? Too long ago, obviously, since I have just about forgotten what magic they weave without words.

I left the formal office environment years ago exactly because of the tale Office BLOCK has to tell, only to discover that the ‘office’ as FTH:K enacts it, is in many ways a metaphor for life.

In this clever production four office workers trample all over each other, and ultimately betray themselves, along the scramble up the corporate ladder. It is ugly and messy but beautifully dispersed by moments of tenderness and gentle humour. And it is all conveyed without spoken words. Miming, dancing, clever stage choreography and set pieces tell the story. Marlon Snyders, Christopher Beukes, Sinethemba Mgebisa and Asanda Rilityana all deliver passionate and memorable performances as the ‘grey’ office workers. The originality of their approach and performances are so refreshing, Jayne Batzofin’s clever set design becomes a character in the play that energetically moves the action forward. The soundscape is magical and transformative. Office BLOCK is a reminder of why visual theatre company FTH:K, producers of  shows such as Womb Tide, QUACK! and GUMBO, won the 2011 Fleur du Cap Award for Innovation in Theatre.

Worth a visit even if you just want to see a water cooler weep.


ps: I really think this review captured it well:


FTH:K is a young, independent theatre company whose non-verbal, visual theatre integrates the deaf and hearing communities,

On at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio until 21 July.  Bookings can be made at Computicket 0861 915 8000


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