Musical review: Big Boys don’t Dance

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

Big Boys Don’t Dance.

It has been a long year. Who is not in need of rambunctious laughter, an easy plot to follow and lots of loud and hearty music dished out with impressive bits of dancing? This show offers all of that and a dash of slapstick to keep it all going.

Bradley and Ash Searle play the role of two brothers. The one is about to marry his sweetheart and the other is torn between his own ambition to be a dancer and the  jealousy of losing being the centre of his brother’s world, all the while trying to be the supportive sibling. In the style of the Movie, The Hangover, the brothers have a last ditch rowdy bachelor celebration which, yes, involves a stripper, a vanished car and a good bout of memory loss. Desperate to keep his girl, Bradley’s character reluctantly gives in to his brother’s dream of making a wad of cash in a dancing competition.  This is of course to replace the father in law’s car that seems to have evaporated with the stripper. What follows is the two brothers’ funky, funny interpretation of various genres of music through dance as they remember their school days while they practice for the big competition.  Remember those awkward hormone fuelled school dances and the eruption of break dancing and geeky fashions in the eighties? Well they do a good job of capturing the zeitgeist of the various eras.

Bradley is a tall, fiery, ginger and he likes to have a bit of fun with his hair, often making self-depreciatory jokes. He is a likeable character as the nervous husband to be and the audience loves him. He is complement by the skilled Ash who is a technically trained dancer who has performed all over the world and locally in a variety of shows including African FootprintChicago, Fame and We Will Rock You.

The Kalkbay Theatre has a lovely small stage and you really get to see the bobs of sweat bouncing of their heads and the raised colour in their cheeks as they energetically dance in front of you. It can’t be that easy to perform almost in the lap of your audience but it ads to the intimacy of the show.

 Perhaps there is a bit too much dialogue when you are expecting more of a dance show but it all still feels good and hearty and its not too cerebral for this time of year.

It is mostly a family friendly dance entertainment show.  The real for me was watching two brothers having a great time on stage playing with their talent and their dance skills.  Theatre tickets to a happy and hearty musical production is a great Christmas present and you can enjoy a meal before the show.  Or better still, go and grab some freshly caught fish at any of the little vendors in Hout Bay and enjoy sundowners at the magical Polana’s before heading to the theatre.

Directed and choreographed by Vanessa Harris.  With Bradley and Ash Searle. At Kalk Bay Theatre until 8 January at 20h30, except Sundays when the show starts at 19h30.


Tickets cost R95. Tickets to the New Year’s Eve performance cost either R285 per person to include a ticket to the show and picnic basket. Or R360 to include a ticket to the show, picnic basket and bottle of sparkling wine per 2 hampers ordered. All bookings can be made on


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