Bangkok – Going Nowhere Slowly

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Travel and Adventure writing
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Update on the floods in Thailand and Bangkok
My train is not leaving. Or it is. Or maybe it is? No its not. It depends on who you talk to. I could have waited until seven thirty this evening to find out, but the potential of a woman alone being stuck on a water-logged station, with no taxi, and no accommodation, and no idea of how much water is coming through does not appeal to me. So I came back to my “hotel” and checked back in. What frustrates me is the lack of information coming through from the authorities and the confusion as to what is really going on. I speak to four different authorities at the train station, and to my travel agent, and they all have a different version of their interpretation of what someone else told them of what they have been told to say, of what they think they should say, or maybe they are just having a bad day. Sis Bangkok.
I am in the Southern end of Bangkok, Sawasdee Banglumpoo Inn, and we are relatively higher than most of Bangkok. I am getting just a little tired of my own company and miming to everyone around me. Lonely planet says that most people here speak English – but not really. It’s all clowning. Just now I drew a cockroach to the lady at the front desk to explain my dilemma in my room. She asked me if I wanted some cockroaches. I declined her offer.
I am sitting in the open lounge of the “hotel” and we are all watching the water gushing down from the heavens. I am sure it all sounds worse than what it is because of the many zinc roofs. We have sandbags all around and the guys working here are looking pretty chilled out so I guess it is all good.
Went for a long walk today after the train station disaster- I had to ask a policeman to force a taxi driver to take me back to my “hotel” the taxi driver took me around the corner and then stopped and said to me, “I no go dere too much whate,” It took all my powers of persuasion to get him to take me back to my hotel.- I could have strangled him and taken his car – Bangkok’s streets on a late Friday afternoon is like tossing handful of smarties into a frying pan. Its ugly – but its colourful. Then he still wanted to charge me 4 times the normal rate. I am getting to know this area now and I told him off in no uncertain terms. You really have to stand your ground here or this place and some people will swallow you whole.
So I am stocked up with water, biscuits and a kit kat (for when I need a break), some beers, candles, and incense. At least the rain is cutting through the sweltering heat and washing away all the rubbish on the streets.
Some Pics.


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