Taking Thailand – Flippers en water brille.

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

So this is it. Ticket: check. Insurance: check. No itinerary planned because it is a fly-by-the seat-of-my pants (time to put down the remote control) kind of holiday. Now I just need to draft that letter which says they must leave my body in Thailand, should I come to an unfortunate demise during my holiday. Burn it. Send it out on a palm leave towards the water angels. Whatever. It is a morbid topic but it is one of the things you have to consider when travelling abroad. Especially considering that one-third of Thailand is currently under water. The worst floods in 50-years. I mean do you really want your next of kin to battle it out with Thai authorities to get your bloated decomposing body, or your Tiger ravaged torso, back to your Vhaderland? Really. What does it matter, your soul’s moved on. Get over it.
Golden beaches, sleeping late, eating lots, slurping luminous cocktails, long solitary walks into new areas, reading –reading – reading –reading – reading! and smelling the air of a different continent and not understanding a word. The idea behind this holiday was to save up like crazy – finish a mountain of projects in a record time – and then go to Thailand for a month of nothing, or something, or whatever it is you do in Thailand. I did no research which is completely out of character for me and therefore a must for the success of this project. A while ago I met a girl called Pete from Pai (which is North of Thailand) She said, “Ah you must come, it’s very nice.” She has a bar/restaurant there called Almost Famous. I liked the name so I booked my ticket. Cape Town – Dubai – Bangkok. I will stay a few nights in the madness of Bangkok. I was going to hop on a train (10hrs)north to the city of Chiang Mai – stay a few nights there – check it out chill – and then hop on a bus (4hrs to Pai). Pronounced Bai.
But now hundreds of thousands of locals are evacuating the low lying northern area of Thailand and all rail and bus services have been suspended. I can get into Bangkok. But can I get out? So I wonder if I will see Pete at Almost Famous. Will I get a chance to frolic with elephants at Thom’s Pai Elephant Camp, and soak in a hot spring, do those Thai kickboxing classes that I’ve always wanted to do and learn to cook a decent Thai curry? Or will I end up on CNN, floating down Sao Khan Road in central Bangkok in a bathtub with a rescued kitten on my head, a baby strapped to my back and floating food parcels all around me. I don’t know.
I am staying at a glorified hostel/hotel in Sao Khan Road called Sawasdee. My Lonely Planet guide book tells me it means Hello and Goodbye in Thai.

  1. Christine says:

    i’m salivating. it will be an adventure whatever happens. Have a fantastic time Astrid! LOL


  2. Mornay says:

    Have a blast!!! xx


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