“Our Tour Director described this section as “Ass Pounding Corrugation.”

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Travel and Adventure writing

Exasperating, bewitching, schizophrenic, addictive; the African continent is an assault on your sensibilities.  Legendary quotes from hard-butted riders that completed the Tour d’Afrique 12 000km longest bicycle race in the world.

A war with a Zambian ant army, mosquitoes, a nocturnal bash-up with a bush pig, traffic and careless drivers, spear-wielding bandits, saddle sores, diarrhea and ass-pounding corrugation have seen some of the toughest riders hop onto the trucks for a respite from the onslaught. Yet, their documented journey reveals how, day-by-day, and often unwittingly, many riders fell in love with the very continent that tortured them from daybreak to sunset.

Some quotes from the riders

The conversation has shifted from diarrhea and vomiting to more traditional cyclist topics like saddle sores and blood flow to the genitals.


I don’t know if it helps with the visualization, but our Tour Director described this section as “Ass Pounding Corrugation.”


The poor hotel didn’t know what hit them. Their buffet was picked clean by the locusts of the Tour d’Afrique and then we started on the bar!


It’s not every day that you fall with your face in the sand within five meters from an elephant bull flapping his big ears at you.


It is the most wonderful thing getting up in the morning knowing that the only thing you have to do this day is get in the saddle and cycle.


By the way. Leana Niemand finished the Tour d’Afrique in 2005 – then headed back to cycle the rest of the world. To this day she is still cycling. Addicted. What next? The moon?



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