Darling – The Great Escape!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Travel and Adventure writing

Darling – The Great Escape

It has been another bizarre weekend in Cape Town. A Cape Flats woman bit her best friend’s ear off in a drunken dispute over R6.  That’s less than a dollar. The culprit then ran through the township brandishing her trophy. The police eventually returned the ear to its rightful owner who is now keeping it in a jar as a reminder of her rip-roaring experience. True story.

Hearing this, I feel the urge to get away – quick. What better place than Evita se Perron in Darling for a dollop of white guilt, washed down with gorgeous wines and boerekos -enormous platters of wholesome home-made meals? 

Darling is a tiny village, blink and you’ll miss it, about an hour from Cape Town along the desolate West Coast.  Hop in a car and drive there. Or take the train. It’s safe, and you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery unfold in front of you.  In Darling you will find Evita Bezuidenhout se Perron (station platform) with a museum, or as Evita calls it, ‘Nauseum’, which is probably the biggest collection of apartheid era, pictures, posters, symbols and letters in existence, unless there’s more, buried in shame somewhere.

Evita is South Africa’s most renowned political satirist and cabaret artist. Why would anybody want to take time out to be drenched in, more, white guilt? Evita explains: ‘We must remember where we come from, so we can truly celebrate where we are going.’ The artefacts are presented in good humour and Evita performs her internationally acclaimed satirical shows throughout the week at a beautiful intimate theatre.

There is also a Boerassic Park, like the Jurassic Park but it’s more like a graveyard of shame, filled with statues that reflects the political world and their laughable players. The most memorable being a statue of the AWB -Afrikaner Weerstand’s Beweging – those wacko far right people, whose leader Eugene Terreblanche is falling of his horse. True story.

Once you’re done with reflection and laughter, you can sit down to a wholesome plate of South African boerekos and a show. During the early spring months, September to October, you can take a slow drive through the Darling region and enjoy the spectacular fields of indigenous flowers and fynbos.  I recommended that you stay over for at least a night at one of the cosy guesthouses and allow the tranquillity to saturate your soul before returning to cannibalism and Cape Town.  There are many tours in the area that offer insights into the local Bushmen art in the caves. For the more active there’s Quad biking, mountain biking, bird watching and wine tours.

For pictures and more info on Evita se Perron and Darling follow the link www.evita.co.za

©Astrid Stark




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