Theatre review: Kurt Schoonraad

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

Home Groan, review by ASTRID STARK.  Directed by Rob van Vuuren.  Starring Kurt Schoonraad.

First published in Cape Times

Rubber Face is on form – as usual

Sometimes it’s good to have a good old whinge.  Just let it all out in a long, hard string of complaints. And if you take a good look there’s plenty to grumble about in Cape Town; the hostile South-Easter, pesky car-guards chasing you down the road, and going for a lazy dip in the Sea Point pool and being knocked senseless by a bionic swimmer on a quest for aquatic perfection.

Kurt Schoonraad is back with a new dose of hilarity in his show called Home Groan. As the name indicates, Schoonraad’s show is a multimedia and stand-up comic whinge about all the things that make him go a bit bonkers in our beloved Mother City.  The use of multi-media in comic productions seems to be a growing trend as we saw with Nik Rabinowitz’s You Can’t Be Serious, and the hilarious Cracks in the City shows late last year.  Schoonraad shows snippets of people having a good old groan all over the city and it’s hilarious to hear exactly what different folks enjoy griping about. The clips also highlight the crazy smorgasbord of cultures that makes up our city.  Of course, coloured people, the Jews, Muslims, pale faces, aliens and old age all get a good and funny tongue-lashing; in a nice sort-of-way.  His humour is more of a gentle poke at our differences than simple shock tactics to get a reaction from the audience.  How we laughed when he reminded the coloured ladies in the audiences that plastic shopping packets are not swimming caps.  The police gets roughed up as he informs us that the copshop in Claremont is being protected by ADT, and that the police’s favourite pastime is colouring in at the Spur, because they get to ‘stay in the lines’. 

It’s when he starts contorting that elastic face of his that the giggles really get going.  Schoonraad pokes fun at the ludicrous habits of fanatic gym bunnies and those laughable Verimark exercise equipment that we all have stashed under our beds.    His take on yoga is hilarious as he ponders on the reasons why we feel compelled to do yoga to the sounds of whales fornicating in the deep seas. And then wonders out loud if whales would even consider doing yoga to the erotic diddling of human beings.   All this is explained with hilarious arm flapping, body contortions, and eyes lolling wildly about in his head.  

His personal confession of growing up in the Cape Flats is engaging and delivered tenderly.   Schoonraad is always good for a laugh and you can be sure to get your money’s worth.  There is an age restriction of 16 and over only.  My only gripe would be that I recognise some of his material from previous shows. It’s still funny but the show can do with a fresh injection of new giggles and gags. 

Schoonraad has appeared in many local and international comedy festivals and has had significant roles in popular SABC TV series; the accidental tourist in Going Nowhere Slowly, the whacky protagonist in Crazy Games, and he was one of the first celebrities to feature in Who Do You Think You Are?  He also pioneered the successful Jou Ma se Comedy Club.

Director Rob van Vuuren, says; ‘It was a dream come true finally to be working with the man whose hair and eyeballs I had admired from afar”.  

Tickets cost R80. UCT staff, students, senior citizens and block bookings of 10 or more cost R65. Book at Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers outlets, The Baxter 021 685 7880 and online



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