Theatre review-Satisfaction

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

Satisfaction review by ASTRID STARK.  Directed by Chad Saaiman.  Starring Jarred de Kock, Steven Lee Lewis, Nicholas Snow and Junaid Roberts.  at On Broadway from Wednesdays to Saturdays, until 15 January.

First published in the Cape Times, Dec 2010


I must confess to not being a great lover of boy bands.  The carefully synchronised hip flicks and outfits, perfectly slick hair styles, and extended stares with doey eyes all seem a bit cheesy to me. Not to mention the sausage factory lyrics!


However, it does happen that even the most hardened cynic receives an unexpected dollop of happiness from a performance. The guys from Satisfaction have managed to create a tribute show that offers a fresh take on some of the most successful boy bands in history.  The Jackson 5, Wham, Take That, Westlife, Blue and Robbie Williams all get a bit of a make-over as the evening journeys through some of their most popular songs. 

What sets this tribute show apart from the slew of other mediocre shows must be the fabulous four guys’ attitude, humour and professionalism.  They make fun of themselves, and each other, and appear to not take themselves too seriously, but it is clearly a very highly polished performance, intelligently choreographed and directed.  Enjoyable as well is how each member of the group’s individuality shines through their performances and how particular songs bring out the very best in their voices. They all have engaging voices, and it helps that they look dashing and are clearly filled with youthful enthusiasm and energy, which feels like slipping into cool water after a long and challenging 2010.

Steven Lee Lewis sings up a storm but it is really his dancing, and in particular his super funky break dancing, that dropped jaws. His style is somewhere between Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake and he is brilliant as he twists and shimmies his lanky body across the stage.  All the tribute songs are carefully woven together to follow the different countries of origin and history of the featured boy bands and their top hits.  The members of the group take turns to introduce the various artists and to share a bit of the fascinating history of what has become the recipe of success of the boy band phenomenon. The rendition of Robbie William’s, “She’s the one, almost had me in tears because of the honesty of the performance.

I first saw Capetonian born Nicholas Snow as a singing waiter at Stardust Restaurant in Rondebosch. All the waiters at Stardust are professional performers or students at the art schools of Cape Town. Your waiter could just drop his apron, after serving you a round of drinks at your table, and hop on stage to belt out his or her signature number.  And many a star is born in the womb of this Restaurant. Snow has a velvety voice and he is clearly very comfortable on stage. He is also an experienced tap dancer.

Junaid Roberts is only 21 but he has already worked along big names such as the Parlotones, Danny K, Loyiso and Jamali. He started singing at the age of 6 and it is obvious that with the right guidance and sustained focus he has all the potential to take his talent very far.  Jarred de Kock makes up the fourth member of the band and he just looks and sounds like an idol.  He has also studied drama which adds some depth to his performance.

Chad Saaiman skilfully directs the performance. His first album ‘Chasing Melodies’ was nominated for a SAMA award in 2009 and he won Cosmo’s Sexiest Man of the Year November 2009.  However, these guys are clearly not just pretty faces. They bring a wealth of experience, talent and unbridled passion to the show which, together with the hot looks, promises a very entertaining evening.  If you don’t find yourself clapping, foot tapping, or at the very least if you’re a whitey, nodding your head to this show; I will eat my hat.  There is a very good chance that you will  bounce out of the theatre with a fat smile plastered across your face and a lot of warm, fuzzy – if somewhat corny- lyrics flowing through your head. Not a bad way to spend an evening out.

*Tickets are R95 per person. (Discounts for group bookings).  For bookings please call 021 424 1194, visit the website or book through any branch of Computicket.




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