Good Will Acting, review by ASTRID STARK.  Written and Directed by Megan Choritz.  Starring Anele Situlweni, Daneel van der Walt, Larissa Hughes and Ntomoxolo Makhutshi.  at Kalk Bay Theatre until 31 December, at 8.30pm 


It is that time of the year when we reflect on the year that has been.  Perhaps your meticulously planned diet and exercise regime did not quite work out; you may actually be fatter than you were at the beginning of 2010.  The recession gobbled up your savings and there are now even more family members demanding Christmas presents.  Still stuck in the same dead-end job?  


Ah well, it is also the time of year when some theatre makers try their best to bring a smile to our faces with a trusty Christmas story or pantomime.  Good Will Acting is not strictly-speaking a  re-enactment of the Nativity story, but rather as the actors call it, more of an Activity story.  The storyline finds four actors out of work during December.  After a brief dose of neurotic complaining about their lot, they are whipped into shape by Marlene, played by Larissa Hughes, who is prepared to do just about anything to avoid being a waitress.   Hughes has an impressive stage presence and a beautiful voice which she uses frequently to dip in and out of seasonal songs. 


The show is a giggle-as-you go, hotchpotch of dancing, singing, monologues, drama and quick costume changes, very loosely based on the Nativity story.  You may expect a few kings, wise men, lots of sheep, and of course the Virgin birth.


Libertina X is played by Ntomoxolo Makhutshi, better known for her brilliant performance in London Road, which also had its debut at the Kalk Bay theatre.   Libertina X is a bit disgusted at that she, an honours in theatre making skills, has to sink so low as to hang out with the other three actors.  She is a staunch supporter of her own rights, and is very vocal about claiming her individuality, which immediately appeals to the liberal Tabatha, hilariously performed by Daneel van der Walt.  Van der Walt was last seen in a performance of Just Cruising as the über-kitch blonde bimbo Chi Chi.

Her outrageous persona in Just Cruising reminded one of a prawn on a toothpick, wedged between a piece of stale cheddar and a green pickled onion; you couldn’t figure out if you should laugh at her or eat her.   In this role she has magically transformed herself into a hairy, hippy liberal chick that likes to dance to Libertina X’s beat, and get into the spiritual transcendent experience of acting.  She is joy to watch.


Anele Situlweni, is Ras, the Rasta that refers to himself as I and I, which is a reference to the oneness of Jah and every human being.  So the Rastafari finds himself in the middle of a Christmas play and he is often trying to establish peace between the warring personalities.  He believes in turning all negatives into positives and graceful negotiation, which gets a bit up Libertina X’s nose as she is more into taking what she wants by force. 


Helen Cooper, wife of Kalk Bay Theatre owner Simon, created the costumes and

Megan Choritz takes care of the lighting in addition to writing, directing, and trying to find money for the actors.


Good Will Acting is like watching the Nativity play upside down. It is full of fun surprises, and quirky humour that will appeal to the whole family.  It is a blissful antidote to the year-end-blues with a few angels thrown in for good measure.   In the spirit of Christmas, a Good Will Box has been placed in the foyer where donations can be made to the Theatre Benevolent Fund, an organization that provides support to professional members from all disciplines of the entertainment industry, who find themselves in difficult circumstances.


Tickets cost R100 with family of four or more receiving a special R80 per person. The New Year Special is R325 per person, including a welcome drink, three-course meal,  ticket to the show and a bottle of sparkling wine. Bookings 073 220 5430 or


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