Theatre review: Breyani!

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

The man with the flat hat and red shoes are back! And he has brought his partners in crime with him.

David Kramer’s show Breyani is a rip-roaring musical treat.  Kramer plays MC and even sings a few songs with his usual gusto.  When he is not playing he is introducing his 10-piece band members. And what an eclectic and awesome bunch they are.

My mom always said I should not have favourites but when Ruth Hector belted out “Calvinia” goose bumps took over!  What an incredible voice. Writer, Gary De Wet was right when he said she should be recorded. The woman is a legend: somewhere between Nina Simone and Elsabe Zietsman but purely original. Makes you want to move to Calvinia –wherever that is.       

David Kramer in his Breyani


 Camillo Lombard is on piano and accordian and Gammie Lakay on acoustic lead guitar. The gorgeous Donveno Prins, plays a sensual saxophone that had us eating out of his hand. He also did a kind of a sexy musical play off with Camillo’s accordion which was so lovely and old school; reminded a bit of Louis Prima’s humour.  Jacques Steyn plays mandolin and bass.

Klopse bands veterans Howard Links and Charlie Rhode play banjo, mandolin, and guitar.  And the handsome Loukmaan Adams takes turns signing and beating a Ghoema drum. A Ghoema drum, by the way, is an old beer or brand vat that has been turned into a drum.  This show is made extra special by Kramer introducing each band member and instrument with touching anecdotes. The man is obviously passionate about our musical and cultural heritage. Viva David! Viva. 

Keeping somewhat within this spirit, the Baxter Theatre has introduced its Taste, Twitter and Tweet evenings. On the night, for between R95 – R125 you could taste a whole slew of the Solms-Delta wines and see a show, and get to tweet to your friends about your fabulous night out.  What a bargain.  And what I really like is that Solms-Delta has established a trust that benefits the estate’s historically disadvantaged residents and employees who received an equal (one-third) equity stake in business. From the profits, the farm residents also received new, refurbished and comfortable homes, as well as social programmes that have greatly improved their health, education and general quality of life.  Nice one.

This is such a fabulous night out for the whole family. I have never seen the completely packed Baxter Concert Hall jump to their feet so quickly for a standing ovation. 


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