The kids on 2011 and beyond

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

Ernest Mlambo

Joshua McClure

First published in Mitsubishi magazine

by Astrid Stark

From the mouth of babes

We rounded up a few little ones to find out what they believe the future holds for them – and us.

Josh McClure 5-years old    

“I will be a fire engine so that I can squirt the fires down.  Or maybe I will be a racing car, or a motorbike.  Tractors are one of my favourite cars.  I will have a sidebike motorcycle and I can carry my mommy and daddy and my sister.  In the future I will go to the soccer world cup and I will be a tractor farmer. And I will ride on horses or goats but goats are slow like tractors.  It is the steering wheel that makes the car drive – and mommy. If there is no petrol I will put honey and flowers in the tank. It was my favourite when I was little.” 

Ernest Mlambo – 9-years old   

“I am going to be an agent when I am big.  It is someone that when someone gets robbed I can save them because they can’t see me.  Cars will be smaller and fast and shiny like the Knightrider.  If I win a car I will give it to my mother.  If you are older then you can live alone and your mother can come and visit you. And you can have 2 children.  If there’s no more petrol I will put Coca-Cola in my car.”

Sisanda Mbanjwa 8-years old

“There will be bigger and smaller cars. Now they are small but when I grow up they will be big because I will drive.  My mommy said I must drive.  I was scared but my mommy said I must not be scared. When we go to the shops I drive back.  So know I know how to drive.  People will be grandmothers and grandfathers.  All the schools will have computers. Maths and everything will be done by computers.  The music will be different but there will still be Hanna Montana music. I am going to teach the boys and girls English, Afrikaans and Sotho.”

Miechca Britz 7-years old

“All the cars will have wings, like angel cars with very big wheels and big speakers. I saw on TV an orange car with big wheels that jumped up and down and the people inside were also jumping. The world will be a lot nicer.  My mom and dad will be older but I am not going to get married.  I am going to live with my two brothers and sisters.  I am going to be a teacher that teaches people and children.  If the petrol runs out I will put Jik in the engine that the car drive and be clean also. ” 

Sisipho Wisani 7-years old    “I am going to be a doctor because I want to help people when they need something like falling off a bicycle or having a baby.  Cars will be silver and people will need more cars because they go to work and they spend too much money on taxis. Sometimes they spend R5 or R6 on a taxi.  The schools will be beautiful. Everything will be neat. Whenever you need something at school you get it. And whatever money your mommy gives you, you must say thank you and appreciate and not be ugly ‘cause she did not buy you something.   If the petrol is finished I will put milkshake in the car.” 

Thabiso Thembelani – 8 Years old

“When I am big I am gonna be a policeman like the ones on TV. Then cars will be stronger and they will be brown because they’re so old.  I saw a brown bus and then the wheels fell off and I was laughing.  You must always tell your wife she looks pretty even if she doesn’t.  God decides how things are going to be and then we are stuck with it. If one day there is no more petrol in the world I will put in water and sugar to make it go faster. Ok I am finished.” – Gets up and walks away.


Maciano Kay 5-years old

“I think my daddy will have no hair.  I am going to be 6. This is the oldest I have been in my life. I am going to be old but not dead.  The schools will be bigger and I will be batman and I will drive my car with my steering wheel.  All the cars will be silver.  And black. When I finish school I am going to find a wife.  A wife and a man promise to go through sickness and diseases together.”

Caitlin McClure 8-years old

“I am going to be a teacher for babies when they are little but when they are bigger I think they must rather go away. They must just not poop too much.  Cars will be nice and sparkly and if you want to know who cooks for us – it’s my mommy. She is the glue that holds us together. I love mashed potato, yum.  In the future people will be grannies and grandpas.  Once my mommy’s car broke down and some people helped us push and I got really hungry.  I will put Oros in my car if the petrol runs out.”


Liphiwe Kossie 8-years old

“I am going to be a policewoman.  I like police because when the stranger come to your house and steal your things the police take them in the jail.  Cars will be faster and there will be guns on the roof.  Sometimes the cars don’t stop for the red light and they go and drive on the pavements.  I will close the road and catch them.  When I am big God will change all things and put another one; houses, cars, people. I think so. Everyone will be prettier. And older. No you can’t put Fanta in the car, silly, because it has too many bubbles.”


Amber Lino 6-years (girl!)

“I want to be a spiderman.  When someone got fire in the house I’m gonna help them get out and when I am big I am going to be a superman.  Cars will be pink and grey and they will also fly.  All the schools will be pink and the classrooms pink. ‘Cause I like pink.  Pink is only for girls and there will be no boys. Ha!  If the petrol runs out I will ask my wife to buy syrup and put it in the car. You’re crazy. Can I go now?”   The End

Amber Lino, 6 years

Sisanda Mbanjwa


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