Magazine Interview: Card reader tell us how it is

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

First published in Mitsubishi magazineThe cards have spoken, 2011 is going to be filled to the brim with sex, war, women, smoke and mirrors and, well… cows.

White Sangoma, Babalon Don, lives in Khayelitsha, and has been reading cards and practicing alternative healing for 20 years. His consulting room is a tatty grey blanket that has been laid out on the courtyard before the entrance to Greenmarket Square.  The Don takes today’s reading from a battered pack of Egyptian Book of Thoth cards which embraces a heady fusion of Cabbalistic tradition, Tarot, philosophy, science and magic.   

A card depicting death speaks of secrets and transmutation. “There’s an increase in spy activity,” he mutters, gazing into the distance lovingly tickling the skeleton on the card with a long yellow fingernail. “The South African Illuminati will strengthen their control over the economy.  Accountants will wield more power than ever. There’s is a scramble for control of information.  Mass opinion is not the truth but the pension funds are looking good.”

“There are two kings at play. The kings are petulant and refuse to follow advice. They have unstable thrones and a fight will break out amongst them.  Those in the background that have inside information will cling onto their positions and watch the snake devour itself.”   

Will the ID and DA union be a long and fruitful one or will it end in a messy divorce?  The Don licks his roll-up and lights up.  “Public figures will always have problems – they are natural targets.  But I see a good year for women.  Young woman are being pushed forward more in the fashion industry. Anything to do with women will be good. The female industry will boom.  Woman will get what they want.” 

According to the Don South Africans will still be as lazy in 2011 as they are today. “Things will doodle on in a slow manner.  We are dominated by conservative issues regarding law and religion,’ he says, eyeing a card that symbolises the Dark Ages. “The Government will have many problems but there won’t be as many strikes. The economy will not exactly leap forward but there will be a population spurt in 2011.  There will be lots of young visitors coming into the country. I can see their energy bubbling like water.  The youth will take welfare programs to the next level.”

It’s not quite the Age of Aquarius yet and the Don predicts that it will be war as usual.  “Business will be good for heavy industry war equipment and military infrastructure such as railways.  This is where the money lies.  People just don’t seem to love each other so much.  Wars in Africa will occupy a lot of state energy and war will have a strong dominating influence on business.”

With his third eye he sees a future where low fuel cars will be big news. But I don’t think we need the cards to confirm this.  “I see cars that can carry things – big things.  There will be more cars on the road and I see cars expanding into the countryside. But it is important that our infrastructure must be developed.”

The next card delivers visions of split hooves and horned beasts – a return to the land.  “Looks like we will narrowly avoid becoming the next Miss Zimbabwe,” he says tugging at a dreadlock, unfazed by the crowd that has gathered around us. It’s not going to be a quick journey. Developing agricultural and rural spaces is the secret to our survival.  Rural businesses will expand.  There will be more exports and not just in wine, but also meat, fruit and grain. As long as the rural agriculture is developed it will lead to greater food security and less conflict between farmer and labourer. South Africa will be at peace. And the pension for old people is looking good.  Money is not really going to be a problem in 2011.”

Ok but what I really wanted to know is if it will be the second last year of planet earth as predicted by some followers of the Mayan Calendar.  I mean will it be apocalypse time and are we going to implode in a blaze of fire and brimstone?

“Well,” says the Don digging at a piece of tobacco stuck between two teeth. “The end of the Mayan Calendar relates to the lunar notes that are in alignment with the centre of the universe. Our solar system is travelling toward the black hole. The Mayan system is essentially vigesimal, meaning it has a base of 20.  There are 31 million seconds in a year.  The diameter of the sun equals the number of seconds in each day and time equals space.”

Ah, well that is a relief! 

Then he sees those pension funds again.

So if the advice of the Don is taken, it looks as if you should stop being so lazy, get yourself a piece of land, a cow, a woman, surround yourself with young people, and be sure to invest in a really good pension fund.

Astrid Stark

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