Sex, of course.

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Poetry

Valium?  Oh, ok.

Lee Simple with the leather corset has a heart of silk
She hides  behind her oil skins and rotten teeth,
Her breasts like Kilimanjaro,
Her hair on fire,
Her heart empty as a glove on a Sunday morning.
She gives a flower that she picks from Vesuvius
…to find it lying dying on the doorstep,
She offers sweet waters,
She offers herself
legs spread wide
Her eyes inside out.
 Poor Lee Simple
She does not understand that what she offers is not what they want
Her pearls are to them Christmas cards from CNA.
Her sorrow is melancholy to them
Her longing is flighty
She is simple
 – a worry
A moth on the windscreen
A grain in the eye.
She is an eagle,
A mist rising from the lake.
Candyfloss on a pink tongue,
Candle wax
A full moon
Gliding through the ocean.
Making love in the afternoon.
The one-legged chimp
A midget
A buffoon
Maybe they will take her away
But where will the put her?
In their uncertainty
They decide
To hide
Their dismay
And pretend
Like everyone else
That she is me
And you
And nothing is out of place.
It’s easier that way.
Astrid Stark

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