Sexing up the Mother City.

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews
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Aka:  Poodles in the sky with diamonds.

 Sultry singers, a depressed penguin, a Romanian gymnast, a poodle on stilts, a death-rock emo live band, the last of the strong men, and saucy girls on a big screen pinching each other’s bottoms; and this is just for starters at Vaudeville, the new sexy dinner theatre that opened in Cape Town in December.

The 300-seater supper club is dressed up in full Moulin Rouge attire, velvet drapes drip from the walls, chandeliers and golden tussles abound. The lights are sensually low, the band plays weird, corporeal music that fascinates and horrifies – a little. Champagne flows.

The 19 act performance includes a three-course dinner by chef Andrea Foulkes and her team at DISH Food & Social. Between acts, Jinx, the fabulously weird 5 piece band sets the mood with their mix of Nine Inch Nails meets Marilyn Manson, meets circus Balkan, and then just  a lick of emo-death-goth for added oomph.  It’s weird. And it’s a lot of fun.  The spunky Irit Noble and her team do a superb job, and the feuding tap-dancing duo brings back a vivid and brilliant Gene Kelly-era nostalgia.  But the all the acts are truly unique and brilliant in their own categories.  There is even a decadent bride-who-lost (killed?) her groom that runs around the tables. It is the strong man that lumbers between the tables ripping apart packs of card and bending everything on sight that really does it for me.  

Vaudeville MC Irit Noble

If you’re French and a burlesque die-hard (you have the dirty black and white nudies on your wall) you might like this show a little more of a grotesque parody with hints of the macabre and exaggerated flamboyance. But for most it is a superb night of decadence and fun. The food is not bad either. 

At the end of the show you can glide over at the Moroccan-themed Fez Club situated upstairs. With a bit of luck you get to meet the gorgeous and buffed crew for a drink and a dance.

There  is PG13 rating on this show.


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