Ode to Sea Point Pool: or The beginning of the end?

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Poetry

Liquidly departed

Lidless the hollow-eyed pool stare
into a seamless sky,
Waterless echoes
against blank walls,
searching for the crack
through which to slip.

High tied board in white and
red binds pale arms and legs that
slide and glide and wrinkle into
a smile that square sad face.
Screaming pink bodies and laughter
mocking screeching gulls
fly Up and dip

Slowly sun pulls tight its coat.
Stooped trees, scarecrows caught in mock surprise,
throw long cold shadows and
slip over the wall and across the
crowns of crashing waves.

Astrid Stark

  1. […] December 17, 2009 at 1:15 pm · Filed under Uncategorized and tagged: maintenance, pool closed, pumps, Sea Point Days I’m in Germany at the moment, freezing in Berlin.  But reports from Cape Town indicate that the magnificent public pool in Sea Point is closed “indefinitely”.  That pool is indeed one of the very good reasons to be in Cape Town!  It has been the setting of hundreds of fashion and commercial shoots, the subject of the recent documentary film Sea Point Days and the source of inspiration for many artists and poets. […]


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