Laughing your head off!

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews
Marc Lottering

Marc Lottering

People, if you have not gone to see the Vodacom Funny Festival yet – shame on you! It is the most fun you will have with your clothes on this winter. Cape Town’s favourite son, Marc Lottering is the MC for the event. Lottering is a bird of another feather altogether. With his ever expanding kinky afro, shiny suits, and pointy shoes, he is just the very image of a township ‘laaitie’ making it BIG. But he is not just a pretty face. He is very funny and a damn fine MC.

This year’s line-up is brilliant as usual: Tumi Maroke is quickly building a reputation as Joburg’s funniest female stand-up. And this girl is good. She is also the only female on the line-up; again. Tumi just laughs, “Look, how do you expect to get a tender without meeting the quota? People get to enjoy a little affirmative action: Black, Female AND Funny. You think finding female comics is hard, try finding black ones! You see, Helen Zille was a victim of circumstance when she picked her cabinet,” She screeches. The instantly love-able, and everybody’s favourite Jew, Nik Rabinowitz provided well-timed and original gags that had us hopping on our seats and elbowing each other in confirmation of his genius.

The American, and rather charming,John Lenahan, is a mind reader and a magician with many TV specials to his name. His best trick is simple, but it had us hooting in disbelief. Lenahan, took a round cardboard cut-out which had a spiral drawn on it. He started spinning this spiral and instructed us to stare unwaveringly into its centre for 30 seconds – which we did. Then he told us to look at his head – and WOW, his head just inflated into a cranium about 25 times its normal size! We screamed. A delicious optical illusion!

Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake

The last act of the two Japanese mime comedians, Gamarjobat, has to be seen to be believed. Without saying a word; these two guys will have you laughing your heads off. The Vodacom Funny Festival runs at the Baxter Theatre until 19 July – but be sure to book now as it is a very popular festival and seats fill up super quick. The End

  1. mr roberts says:

    you have been a busy little beaver by the looks of all these articles


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