Nandos vs Julius Malema:The Electric Chicken Affair.

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Investigative articles
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What next?

On the eve of the elections, motormouth Malema, ANC youth league leader –  and woodwork expert – declares publically that Nandos will “invoke the military youth of South Africa”.

Yes that is Nandos, the chicken kitchen. Their TV add shows Malema as a puppet, being interviewed.  He makes some engaging comments, showing off his literacy skills.  What looks suspiciously like Jacob Zuma’s black leather jacket, is controlling the Malema puppet.

Ai Malema se maar vir jou grendma…

 It’s just not chicken: ANC Youth League members are not afraid to bare it all…

Now Malema is so cross…he want to ‘invoke’ the not-so-youthful youth league…Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

Malema demanded on radio that this ad be removed in 3 days “if Nandos knows what is good for their business”.  Sounds all very mafioso like to me.

Let’s just set aside for a moment the fact that Nando’s advertising people are hotter than a hot cross bun in  Easter at the moment.

Of course not so long ago Malema promised that he will not ever use the word ‘kill’ again…

This after he and Vavi, the secretary-general of Cosatu, were caught on record boasting that they are willing to kill those who get in the way of Jacob Zuma –  And the whole of South Africa got strangely upset about this…

There is no end to the shenanigans, but lets hope freedom of speech is not just a phrase with a lot of vowels in it…

Vote tomorrow people!  Vote!

On a final note…Can we just leave Nelson Mandela in peace already…My heart ached and my stomach lurched as I watched Mandela being dragged up the stairs to take his seat at the ANC’s final pre-election rally in Joburg yesterday. What!  no easier way for him to access the stage?  The ANC aren’t  strong enough on their own – they need to abuse a retired statesman to help them win votes?  And then make our living legend wear a teenage mutant ninja turtle Zuma t-shirt made in China?  Let Madiba be… It is time for us to respect his privacy.  Sies!

  1. Garg Unzola says:

    Unlike Nandos, the ANC has lost its flavour a long time ago.


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