Over and out from the KKNK!

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Live! Blogging.
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Willie van Tonder, Teerpad, Lead vocals and bass, ©Astrid Stark

Willie van Tonder, Teerpad, Lead vocals and bass, ©Astrid

Andre Visagie, Teerpad, ©Astrid Stark

Andre Visagie, Teerpad, ©Astrid Stark


It’s over!    I am broke, exhausted, and my head is spinning from all the chaotic sounds, tastes and textures.

I have only but skimmed the surface of what’s on offer at the KKNK. The festival is bursting at the seams; undiscovered gems are buried underneath the many mediocre performers that fill up every second of the time, in every space imaginable…


By accident I discovered progressive rock band, Teerpad, at Africa Space in Baron van Reede street (Great (free!) venue serving up cheap drinks and a variety of mediocre and superb bands.)

Teerpad,  a four piece Afrikaans Rock group from Tzaneen rocked their fans into a frenzy.

For a new group (started in Feb ‘08) they kick some serious butt.  Watch this band grow into a Nasionale Pad.   Hansie Slim and Wouter van de Venter also served up some good rock music until late.  Lemon and Lime is another venue worth checking out. 

Flame throwers amused spectators and revellers stumbled from one music tent to the other.

There is just too much to see and do and you may well find yourself running in a blind panic fearful of missing out on something…chill…kick your shoes off and watch the masses swirl by…


  1. eke wil net se julle RuLe..en Bja dankie vi dai song Andre’!!!!ALL the SmaLL tHinGs…


  2. Teerpad says:

    Hey Astrid.

    Thank you so much for mentioning us in your articles.

    Keep the Rock Alive.

    Hope to see you at the Plett Garden Party in Plett. 2-5 July 2009. Lots of bands and a huge festival.


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