Posted: April 5, 2009 in Live! Blogging.

Ah Jericho!  What a musical. The cast is nearly bigger than the audience (and I am told that it is a sold-out show- 600 people!)  Anna Mart van der Merwe does a rather scary rendition of the lord Almighty in this musical that tells the story of Moses defeating the Egyptians by sending them plagues and death.   She chants and raves in a most frighting voice – dressed in a fowing green kanga.

Ah but it really is the awesome chorus that brought the audience to its feet…. But this performance deserves a separate review.

Johnny Cash and I found our camping spot- its rather sad looking but what the heck.  Amidst many arguments, it is so bloody hot, we finally pitched the damn thing, and I went to lie down on a piece of cool cement.  

We are about to go and see more shows and get lost in the gazillions…more later.



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