On our way to KKNK!

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Live! Blogging.

© Astrid Stark

© Astrid Stark

On our way at last.  Stuck in roadworks just before  Somerset  West, and having beaten off the road hawks selling  plastic cowboy hats, car charges and 10c jokes, I started to make a mental inventory of everything I need for the trip.  Got the camera, laptop, mobile, chargers, notebooks, tabard, tent, mat, t-pee, incense, sense of humour….but… I have left my camera’s cord at home.  Very stupid, since I have to send photos through to the Business Day – soon. 


Brain working overtime… have it sent to me via speedpost: dodgy; use my friends’ little dinky camera: unprofessional at worst – challenging at best; finding another journo with my kinda cord…hmm; drinking lots of cheap red wine and sending the pics through with my blue teeth – fun but a little improbable; finding a computer stockist in Oudtshoorn on a Sunday with my bit… well… It is going to be an interesting day.

We spend the next 400 km’s discussing the differences in the colour black that may be observed in outer space, as opposed to the colour black of say… the steering wheel.  We concluded that the black of outer space is only as black because it is so far away: like looking through a hose-pipe.  The black of a steering wheel is so black, because it is all the colours of the rainbow at 100% density, thrown together and so it becomes too much and it turns black … or something like that… 

I then practiced for my first ever Argus Cycle Tour by slurping wildly from my branded waterbottle… baby steps.

© Astrid Stark

© Astrid Stark

We arrived in George at eight in the evening to the smell of sheep poo and a thick layer of smoke: fires again in George. The little dorpie has grown into a little city.  A quick beer and chaser at the old railway pub and then off to see my friend’s mum.

My first play tomorrow morning is Jericho!, 10h00.  Still have to collect my media pass and tickets and pitch the old tent…

But first a bit of shut eye…


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