Athol Fugard Comes Home…

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews


If you only see one play over the Easter holidays…let it be Athol Fugard’s Coming Home.

Fugard’s beautiful dialogue gently flows and lingers, and with a few carefully placed words he paints the warm textures of the Karoo landscape. 

Coming home tackles painful and challenging aspects our humanity and the South Africa that we live in with sensitivity and even a  delicate humour , promoting the value of friendship,  and the wisdom of our elders – without making it feel like a weighty sermon.

Fugard’s writing  may at first appear straight to the point but as the play unfolds and the secrets bubble to the top;  worlds collide and characters and the consequences of their actions unfold before our eyes like an complex origami design.



And the acting… Bronwyn van Graan is superb in her representation of a woman suffering from the result of shattered dreams and having to live with the consequences of her actions.

Coming Home is showing at The Baxter Theatre until 25 April.

…the rest of the review to be published in The Weekender…


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