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Posted: March 31, 2009 in Live! Blogging.
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It’s almost time! Time to trek down to the Karoo and sleep under the stars. Time to rush like a maniac from show, to art exhibit, to beer tent and back to show: inhaling dirt, getting sunburnt, and lost in all the drama. Time to let great, weird, wonderful art, people, music and conversations blow our minds apart.  I can’t wait.  I will be blogging live from the Festival, cramming this delightful experience into 4 days! Skandaal.   I have my list of shows ready, my tent is waiting and my camera charged and idling…

Koos Kombuis - Van Babilon tot Bloedrivier.

Van Babilon to Bloedrivier - Koos Kombuis

Here is my  list of favourites…with more in the pipeline…

*It took me about two days to work through the festival program.  Hectic.

The Magnet Theatre’s Every Year, every Day I am walking, which is a stirring account of the imprint left on the human psyche by the recent xenophobia.

Theatre legend Sandra Prinsloo in Die Naaimasjien which won the 2008 Nagtegaal text prize;

Schalk Schoombie’s much talked about Samoerai, which dissolves the distinction between dramatic fiction.  

Salto Bitale,:  The KKNK is collaborating with one of Europe’s major festival of site-specific art and performance, the Oerol festival, which takes place on the island of Terschelling on the North Sea, to showcase the unique Karoo landscape as a canvas and stage.  Salto Bitale takes place 14 metres above the ground. 

 Jericho!, which is a musical rendition of the biblical story featuring Anna-Mart van der Merwe

Walk the Labyrinth. (Maybe I will find myself this time.)

The KKNK is famous for its open-minded attitude to somewhat risqué performances.   In 1998 Breyten Breytenbach’s Boklied was described as pornographic and incomprehensible, and the naked men on stage during the production had audiences walking out en masse. However it won the Herrie prize of the year. 

I look forward to Sakrament which describes our current lives as ‘a Greek tragedy in modern costumes’; and

2-21, a musical garage-spectacle that falls somewhere between Hamlet and MTV, and in which Francois van Coke (the musician) plays the title role and Hunter Kennedy of Fokofpolosiekar writes the text.  Fleur du Cap award-winning director of this avante garde piece, Jaco Bouwer,   describes it as, ‘a techno-abattoir for our holy cows’. Lekker!

Suurgat 2 lyk sommer lekker alternatief en ‘out there’….

Kurt & Jukebox ..hmm

I have to miss Madosini who is hailed as the Queen of Xhosa music; as I will be on my way back to CT when she performs.  Real shame.

But Koos Kombuis and Amanda Strydom hoog op my lys van ‘must see’s’ –non negotiable.

And then I am planning to shake my booty at The Huisgenoot Musiekplaas  and the Burger Tongelos tent, but sadly I will miss the awesome MK Katus rock sessions (Foto Na Dans, Straatligkinders, van Coke Kartel and Aking.)….next year.

Inbetween I will eat weird looking vegetarian concoctions made by hemp wearing people with dreadlocks,  get too much sun, stay up too late, and drink too much beer.  And somehow still manage to file two articles.  My job sucks.

See you there!

The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival takes place from 4 to 11 April in Oudtshoorn.


David Krame' Die Ballade van Koos Sas.

David Kramer's Die Ballade van Koos Sas.





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