A hot date in Cape Town

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

©Astrid Stark

Life is beautiful in Cape Town.  No really it is.  You get to sip Kir Royale while watching a sumptuous photo-shoot featuring celebrated fashion designers Malcolm Klük and CGDT’s latest decadent designs worn by translucent models.  And all this while you are waiting for the start of a sexy tango/ballet fusion at the Artscape Theatre. 

kristin-wilson-and-darren-greef-Sean Bovim’s recently created Bovim Ballet aims to entertain and expose their audiences to the art form that is ballet.  “If I can entertain those who would never have chosen to see ballet and at the same time excite other audience members who have an appreciation of the degree of difficulty that ballet technique demands, then I’m happy.” Says Sean.

The production of Tango Nights is the creative offspring of Sean Bovim who is pushing the boundaries by combining the lusty Tango with the technical and challenging en-pointe ballet. And it’s not tango in tutus at all! 


The trendy Gotan Project’s music features prominently during the first act which I found quite distracting.  Their music has been terribly commercialised by Cape Town Restaurants, such as La Perla, and for me it diluted the originality of the production.  If you’ve never heard of them. You will love it.  A change in music during the second act set the stage and dancers alive.  The women are sensual, and sultry.  Their movements are fluid, showing well-balanced restraint and control.  The costumes are breathtaking and perfectly suited to the mood and moves.  Kerryn Howard as Roxanna’s grace and beauty is almost otherworldly. 

I do enjoy a strong storyline and a progression of events and  I found this one a little thin. However if all you need is to get lost in mesmerizing music, designer costumes, super hot bodies  and some of the most incredible dancing and choreography – you will be very satisfied.  It is a clever move on Sean’s part to attract a younger crowd to ballet and start growing a new generation of ballet lovers.

Tango Nights runs at the Artscape from 3-8 February and from 3-7 March at Oude Libertas.



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