Posted: January 27, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

 Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.  ©Astrid Stark 

I played my first ever computer game in the mid 90’s and the graphic nature of the game made me flush with embarrassment and unhinged interest.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards is a game about Larry Laffer, a 40-year old virgin, who moves to Las Vegas, leaving his geeky life behind.  Here he meets a string of unsavoury characters that seduce him into unspeakable situations from which he must escape in his quest to find the woman of his dreams.

Fifteen years on and today, with the radical evolution of the gaming world, Larry’s antics will barely make my granny blush.

I had all but forgotten about Larry until last Sunday morning at seven when I found myself  in my usual position; flat on my back with blankets drawn up to the armpits, Sunday paper on the lap and a steaming cup of hot chocolate at hand.

As always, Barry Ronge was on radio 702 (Cape Talk simulcast), and the volume knob just within reach of my right big toe. 

In that moment Barry reminded me of Larry. Not that one would necessarily compare him to 40-year old virgin looking for love in Vegas.  It’s rather the way that Barry, like Larry, has turned his own pursuit for happiness into a spectator sport.

I imagine that over the years Barry surrounded himself with all l the beauty of escapist entertainment:   movies, theatre, books and art.  He then developed his passion until he has become one of the country’s finest entertainment journalists

So it is today that Barry has the best job in the word.  He gets to see all the latest movies and DVD’s first. His home library probably looks like Cape Town’s archives and I imagine that he has a mini Louvre at his house.  I bet that at some of the finest movie houses across the country there are front row seats with his name in golden letters engraved on it.

On Sunday mornings from seven to ten Barry Ronge interviews musicians and movie stars, authors and artists.  Barry checks in with 702’s Los Angeles correspondent Alan Silverman for latest happening is in the US film industry and he will give you well informed reviews of the latest film and DVD releases.

Barry also has a big, sloppy nostalgic heart and he will pull out the most wonderful old songs from long-forgotten golden movie eras and share it with his listeners.  These are usually accompanied by a heart warming snippet of information on the musician or movie.

Over the years Barry has collected a large and devoted following.   Mind you there once was a lady that called in to say that whenever Barry recommended a movie she knew that she will hate it.  That works too I suppose.

There are more excuses to stay in bed over the weekend.  Big Boy Moagi ‘s solid gold Sunday show is on radio 702 from 13h00 to 16h00.   This guy is serious about his golden oldies.   

You can often hear him smacking his lips before introducing one of his favourite songs.  His enthusiasm peaks at a steady 10 and his collections are nostalgic and well chosen.  

 He does at times have peculiar pronunciation habits.  Like when he introduced a song from a musical with Johnny ‘Daaap’ in it.   

This only makes me love him more.  It also provides an amusing little ‘guess who he is referring to’ game.  Bigboy Moagi’s take on international oldies always reminds me that I am still in Africa, which really isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

Richard Nwamba’s African Connection on SAFM on a Saturday afternoon between 13h00 and 15h00 is a long standing show that features exotic but easy listening songs from across the African continent.   

Nwamba has a great ear for unknown gems that he brings to light on his show.  Great news is that he has released his two CD’s, The Best of The African Connection, with Richard Nwamba.  Volume I and II.   

 And please people this is not just for the tourists.  These are sensitive and well thought out collections for the refined ear and open mind. 

And if you really have an open mind you can finish of your Sunday evening in karmic calmness with  702’s Kate Turkington.  On her program Believe it or Not she discusses alternative religions and controversial philosophical and moral topics. 

Whether like Larry and Barry you are pursuing happiness, entertainment, spiritual enlightenment or love, turn on and tune it in people, the box has it all.







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