The NewSpace Theatre

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Theatre & Event Reviews and Interviews

Venue Review:  The NewSpace Theatre.

Property developers, Jody Aufrichtig and Nicholas Ferguson of development company, Indigo Properties, recently added the NewSpaceTheatre on 44 Long Street to their menagerie of properties.

This creative duo own around 80% of the properties, consisting of bars and restaurants, in Long Street, as well as the artsy Daddy Long Legs Hotel and the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

The NewSpace Theatre will open its doors on 22nd November with the award-winning musical, Assassins, directed by Fred Abrahamse.  The Theatre consists of four levels which will be filled with ‘theatre friendly’ tenants such as casting agencies, the Africa Centre, a visual arts gallery and a bookshop.  The concept is to launch a mini precinct which will be a hive of cultural activity until late at night.

Fior Fiore, an upmarket deli-restaurant and pizzeria will be situated on the ground floor, along with an ice-cream and a tea emporium. 

 The theatre itself is located on the first floor and can seat around 180 people, cinema style. Fred Abrahamse, the NewSpace’s artistic director, confirms they have had many enquiries into the rental of the air-conditioned theatre.  They will aim to show around 10 productions per year.  When not in production, the space with its luxurious padded seating and modern sound and theatre lighting, will be available for lunchtime corporate, and other functions.  

 According to Abrahamse the NewSpace will be run like a business, drawing its revenue from various rental options. They are working around a 5-year business plan.  The first floor will also contain the theatre foyer, tourist information and the box office.

 The dressing rooms, rehearsal room, media office and other offices will be situated on the 2nd floor.  The top floor, which is known as the Gymnasium, will be used as a dance studio by day.  During the evenings, the 80-seater multi-purpose theatre will be available for a variety of functions and events. 

A spacious art gallery and adjoining balcony that overlooks the bustle of Long Street will be available for corporate and private functions such as cocktail parties and book or music launches. 

Fred Abrahamse says they are aiming at creating all-inclusive corporate packages by collaborating with the Daddy Long Legs Hotel as well as the Metropole Hotel (also known as the Grand Daddy) for accommodation and a variety of restaurant and venue options.   

The Indigo Properties duo, true to their bizarre imaginations, confirmed that the plans for a penthouse trailer park, a collection of vintage Airstream caravans on top of the Grand Daddy, are well underway.  The 7 two-sleeper trailer suites will be designed by local artists and will offer guests a rather unique sleeping experience. 






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