SA Women Engineers – Day Conference

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Photography: Function and Events

The Sexy side of Engineering.

In June 2008 I did a 5 day (around 16hrs/day) photoshoot for the South Africa Women Engineers Conference 2008 (SAwomENG)

On day 3 we set up a mock photoshoot with some of the girls.  None of the girls are models but all of them leapt at the opportunity to swop overalls and goggles for satin and stillettos.Group photo

 There are few creatures as dangerous as a sleep deprived woman with a paintball gun, 200 bullets and a score to settle. Well, maybe 57 cranky women in one forest might be worse.

The girls were nervous at first, but soon battled it out in Tokai like pro’s.

There were reports afterwards of intimidation, cheating, breaking the 8m distance rule and tears. But they will remain rumours as the girls were again reunited in female solidarity at the end of the warSAwomEng Paintball winner ©Astrid Stark


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