V&A Waterfront Restaurant, Reviews and Awards 2006-2007

Posted: January 13, 2009 in Restaurant Reviews

 In 2006 and 2007 I was a judge and review writer for the V&A

Waterfront’s Annual Restaurant Review Guide and Awards


Here are some of the reviews that were published in the guide…

Little Mermaid

The stage is set with tables and chairs casually scattered across a wooden deck,  plump seals romping in the water and Table Mountain majestically reclining as backdrop.  The chefs répertoire is somewhat less ostentatious.  Simple salads and light sandwiches are served with your selection from a sufficient bar. Enjoy good coffee and tender pastries but keep a look out for the sirens at play in the waves.


Love, Revenge and Cappuccino

Plotting vengeance is best construed over a violently foaming mug of cappuccino whilst nibling at bits of chocolate from the heart of a freshly prepared muffin.  The verve of the shoppers whirling by transforms the inside of this little coffee shop into a slow motion, snug haven where the aroma of freshly ground beans and grilled mozarella will soon soothe the most bruised ego.


Nino’s Panini’s

Between a morning of celebrity style shopping and a leisurly afternoon at the spa, take time out for a tramezzini, generously stuffed with the filling of your choice. A bottle of quaffable, local wine completes the pasta on offer. In summer, linger a while on the porch and listen to the home-spun buskers strumming and singing to the crowds’ delight.


Mitchell’s Ale House

If you are after the best range of house brewed local and international draft beers, a big screen (showing non-stop sporting events) and baskets of deep-fried, instantly gratifying  snacks – Mitchells is your place. Enormous and juicy pizzas are served at night and an authentic jukebox is the focal point where locals and visitors hang out, dance and stay up until late.


Alba Lounge

Alba lounge has all the Savoir faire of any respectable waterfront cocktail lounge:  sublime harbour views filled to the brim with twinkling stars and starlit yachts, elegant decor and piquant canapés that drip, drizzle and ooze exotic flavours.  The cocktail list is extensive and trendy live bands play easy listening tunes on most evenings.


Flambo’s – Mexican flame grilled chicken.

(If only the chickens ran faster and the tomato sauce and service was not so sour)

Enjoy Mexican, flame-grilled chicken on the run, or outside at one of the many wooden benches.  The Burritos and Schwarmas are filled with tender chicken that is fully Halaal.  Side orders of chips, salad or onion rings and a small selection of sodas, juices and waters are available on request. 


St. Elmo’s sliceaway.

St. Elmo’s sliceaway adds new meaning to the phrase Fast Food.  Juicy pizza slices and subs, generously stuffed with mozarella, olives, bacon, mushroom, more cheese and every other possible decadent filling are served in under four minutes.  Just enough time for you to pick dessert from the vast selection of ice-creams on display.


Decadent donuts

The sugary sweetness of donuts drenched in chocolate, toffee, caramel and nuts is best tempered by a freshly brewed cup of filter coffee.  For those not at the mercy of a sweet tooth, Decadent Dounuts offer a respectable variety of sandwiches, subs and toasties


Marcels Frozen Yoghurt

Stay healthy with a fresh mango, lime or peach frozen yoghurt from Marcel’s.  The more adventurous (and children love this) can mix a swirl of  English Toffee, Caramel Crunch or Hazelnut and then add two big spoons of crunchy fudge, Smarties, sticky toffee or chocolate chips.  Sweet, playful and the perfect after dinner delight.



Basilico, also known as the Health Food Store, offers a fresh range of salads, light meals, breakfasts and deli style sandwiches.  Jovial owner and head chef, Jovenka, daily stirs up a delightfully chunky and very filling soup and serves it with crispy rolls. Chilled fruit juices, sodas and mineral waters are also available.


Fascination Cafe

If Nina Simone was still around , she would be giving soul-stirring performances at the  BMW Pavillion Theatre.   Reservations may be made for either a dinner at Fascination Café or live expressions at the Theatre.  Combined, they are a sensory liberation for lovers of the extravagant. The buffet dinner has both variety and texture and is served by a friendly staff.  One part of the fascination of this experience is the captivating view of the Waterfront through considerable glass walls.  The other is studying the gleaming underbellies of the latest range of BMW’s as they are suspended from the roof and hover above cosy tables, dressed in crispy white linnen. The Restaurant only opens when a performance is staged.  Booking is essential.


 Java Jive

In a more sedate corner of a the considerable CD Wherehouse, you can relax with a selection of 26 coffees and enormous, delectable cakes and pastries on display.  Listen the lastest offerings of Jazz, Rock, African and World music, and browse through trendy local and international music magazines.  A full bar and substantial menu is also available.


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