La Rosa Dance School

Posted: January 13, 2009 in Photography: Function and Events



La Rosa 3

 ©Astrid StarkLa Rosa 1

Photoshoot for La Rosa Dance School/Dance Theatre:  2008

Taking photos of flamenco dancers, twirling and swaying under smoky multi-coloured strobe lights, is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
It is also very tricky and unpredictable – especially on final rehearsal day. The light technician continuously fiddled with the light sequence, speed and strength, making it near impossible to plan a good shot.  The most charming feature of this shoot lay exactly in that unpredictability. The shot that I carefully framed and timed came out stilted and staged. Nearly two hours later, I finally relaxed and resigned myself to disaster. I stopped being intimidated by the fluctuating light conditions, and fiddling with my camera settings, and simply concentrated on capturing the motion and essence of the dancers.

Keep an extra battery and memory card handy as it takes some time to find your own rhythm with the dancers. You are going to want to take a lot of pics.

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